04 June 2009

Tofu steaks with mango salsa

I like tofu a lot but always end up making stir fry with it. Wanting to spice things up, I turned to Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and discovered baked tofu. Fabulous! Baking the tofu changes its texture so that it becomes wonderfully chewy and meaty; delicious eaten hot or cold. You can vary the seasoning depending on the dish you are creating.

For this dish, I drained a block of extra firm tofu with some heavy books for 20 minutes. I sliced the block into thirds to create the "steaks." I seasoned the tofu with cumin, chili powder, a bit of cayenne pepper, salt and a squeeze of lime juice then baked the steaks in a 350 degree oven for 1 hour. I topped these off with some mango salsa I had made the previous day. I love the sweetness fruit salsas add to savory dishes.

draining the tofu
I've been on a baked tofu kick ever since I made this dish. The baked slabs also make great sandwich filling, can be cubed and added to salads (or stir frys, of course), or make a great snack on their own. I eat meatless meals a lot, mostly because I love the alternatives (vegetables, legumes, grains, pasta). What I don't care for are fake meat products that try to trick you into thinking you're eating meat. No thanks. I like to know what I'm eating and don't need a eat a long list of chemicals and manufactured proteins disguised as ground meat. Tofu steaks, however, are great; no trickery -- just a healthy, satisfying, hearty meal.


mediaseth said...

That sounds really good!! I wish we had places in Lynn that served those kinds of dishes. Are you listening, Blue Ox?

Linda's Yummies said...

That looks delicious! I've got one tofu dish on my site but you could always use tofu in place of meat in curries and stir fry. Soup is another favorite of mine to put tofu in. Have you had spicy Korean tofu soup? Might put that one up this weekend.

I'm also blogging from your area :)